This blog houses all information about how to declare and maintain your pre-professional health advising track. By declaring your pre-professional health advising track, you will have access to one-on-one appointments as well as group advising with pre-professional health advisors.

If you are interested in declaring a pre-professional health advising track, you will need to do the following:

  • Subscribe to our Newsletter: This is our way of communicating important information, relevant events, and various volunteer and work related opportunities.
  • Explore the Health Professions: Begin researching each of the eight health professions, relevant coursework, admission criteria, and application information
  • Attend an Interest Workshop: This will be your opportunity to learn about the health professions in greater detail and have your questions answered by an Advisor.
  • Declare a Pre-Professional Health Track: To declare a track there are certain curricular as well as professional development requirements that you must meet. Be sure to review these before submitting your application.
  • Remove a Pre-Professional Health Track: If you are no longer interested in pursuing a career in any of the eight pre-professional health advising tracks at VCU, please remove yourself from our database.
  • Review our resources: If you have questions, please see our FAQ page, we also have a list of all pre-professional health related student organizations, and information on ways to find some healthcare related volunteer opportunities.

If you are already declared on a pre-professional health advising track, please be sure to review the requirements to maintain a track.

If you are wanting to check that you are on a pre-professional health track, switch tracks, or be removed from a track, please check your status.


Meeting with a Pre-Professional Health Advisor:

Students who are on a pre-professional health advising track are eligible to schedule a meeting with one of the pre-professional health advisors.  Those not on the track can attend drop-in hours only.  

  • To view your assigned advisor log into myVCU > Advising Appointments.  Please select “Pre-Prof. Health Advising” as the reason to see a pre-professional health advisor.  
  • Students on a track are assigned to a pre-professional health advisor based on last name.


Summer Drop-in Hours: 

Drop-in advising with Pre-Professional Health Advising is available to any student interested in health professional school regardless of being declared/maintained on a track.

  • Tuesdays – 1:30-4:00 pm
  • Thursdays – 9:00-11:30 am