This form is for students who were on a pre-professional health advising track and, due to not fulfilling requirements to maintain their track, have been removed.  Students removed from the pre-professional health advising track no longer have access to pre-professional health advisors, are removed from the newsletter and may lose access to some restricted prerequisite courses.  
If you would like to appeal your removal from your pre-professional health advising track, you must complete this appeal form and submit your responses for review.  Appeals are reviewed weekly.  After your appeal is reviewed, you will receive an email from with a verdict of reinstatement or denial for the semester.  
If reinstated, you will need to complete all “maintaining a track” requirements for the semester in which you are reinstated (for more information, please see the blog:  NOTE: STUDENTS CAN ONLY BE APPROVED ONE TIME FOR AN APPEAL.  
If denied, please continue to work on your area of challenge and re-declare your track next semester (via the blog:    
Please email with any questions.

Pre-Professional Health Advising Track Appeal