How do I declare a pre-professional track?

Sign up for and attend an Interest Workshop for your field of interest.  At the workshop you will learn about the profession, admission requirements, application timelines and prerequisite coursework.

Please review all of the course requirements needed to successfully declare a pre-professional health track from our blog.  Once the curricular and professional development requirements listed are successfully completed, you can check your declaration status.


Once I submit my application to declare a pre-professional health track, what happens next?
    1. Once you have filled out and submitted the application to declare a track form from the blog and your status is confirmed, you will receive an “approved” email from our office.
    2. You will gain access to scheduling an appointment with a pre-professional health academic advisor.  This advisor will be your resource in helping to prepare you to be a confident and competitive applicant to your healthcare field of interest.
    3. This will allow some tracks access to restricted courses (ie BIOL 205).


What qualifies as 1 healthcare related workshop or presentation per semester?
    1. Any presentation, lecture, workshop, event, speaker series, or information session where you learn/discuss/participate in an experience that will further your knowledge about the healthcare field and/or your speciality of choice.  
    2. Each week’s newsletter will list upcoming events as “healthcare” or “non-healthcare” related events. You are not restricted to these events – these are just options.


What qualifies as 1 non-healthcare related workshop or presentation or Career Services individual meeting per semester?

    1. Any presentation, workshop or event that broadens your experience and understanding of yourself or others that will benefit you as a future healthcare provider.  
    2. This could be an event through OMSA, Counseling Services, Campus Learning Center, or The Well.  This could be attending the meeting of a student organization you haven’t participated in before, or attending a guest lecture.  It does not need to take place on campus.  Be creative!    
    3. An individual meeting with a Career Services career advisor could include: self and career exploration, resume and cover letter building, personal statement writing, or mock interviewing
    4. Each week’s newsletter will list upcoming events as “healthcare” or “non-healthcare” related events. You are not restricted to these events – these are just options.


What qualifies as 10 hours of non-healthcare volunteer experience?

    1. Any volunteer experience where the service you are providing is NOT medical in nature.  For example, if you are volunteering at the hospital but in the flower shop, that would be considered non-healthcare volunteer experience.  
    2. Non-healthcare related experience should be spent in a community-facing role.  You should be interacting with backgrounds different than yours; serving them and coming to understand your similarities and differences.  It should not be spent working only with friends, student organization/greek life members, etc.  Your focus should be on gaining appreciation and understanding of how community members with diverse backgrounds have unique social, emotional, economic, religious, and cultural components to their lives.
    3. Hours can be spaced out over the entire semester, they do not need to all be done at the same time.  However, most programs want to see committment to a specific organization or cause to really immerse yourself in understanding the population you are serving.


What if my GPA is currently below a 2.7?

    1. Once you have completed your current semester and have raised your GPA above the 2.7 threshold, we invite you to declare or re-declare your pre-professional health advising track via our blog.
    2. If you are questioning your career path or how your unique strengths, skills and personality could relate to your future occupation, make an appointment with career services to help uncover your next step.
    3. Focus on your academics – make an appointment with the Campus Learning Center for tutoring, SI session information and academic coaching.


Can I complete my hours over winter or summer break?

Students can complete their “shadow, volunteer and/or work at a healthcare organization” experience and/or “volunteer at a non-healthcare organization” experience over winter and summer breaks that can be uploaded and approved for the maintaining a track requirements for the subsequent semesters.


How do I track my experiences, events, and workshops attended?

Students have access to their own Pre-Professional Health Journal, where you can record time spent at an event or experience (volunteering or shadowing), as well as write reflections about the lessons learned from those experiences.


When are the Maintaining a track requirements due?

For Fall 2017, these are due December 20, 2017 at midnight EST.