Letter of Good Standing Process for Shadowing at VCU Health Systems

VCU Pre-Professional Health and STEM Career Advising will provide letters of good standing for currently enrolled, degree or certificate seeking students who have applied to participate in the VCU Medical Center Clinical Observer Program and/or any structured program if they have fulfilled the following requirements.

Letter of Good Standing requirements:

  1. Be a currently enrolled at VCU as a degree or certificate seeking student
  2. Have a VCU cumulative grade point average of 2.7 or higher
  3. Be recognized as a VCU pre-professional health student by either:
    1. Be a declared pre-professional health student. You can check your track status here: Advising Track Status
    2. Attendance of a pre-professional health declaration workshop. You can find the full schedule by searching for “declaration” in the Events section of Handshake.

To request a Letter of Good Standing, please complete this request form.

2020-22021 VCU Pre-Professional health and STEM Career Advising Request for Letter of Good Standing Form.

If you have questions, please email preprofadv@vcu.edu.