To Maintain a Pre-Professional Health Track:

Each subsequent semester, by the end of the semester, you must demonstrate completion of each of the following requirements to maintain your pre-professional advising track status. Failure to do so will result in your removal from the advising track, which limits your access to pre-professional health advisors and restricted courses.  Completing these requirements not only builds excellence in the core competencies but it also demonstrates your commitment to becoming an exceptional future healthcare professional.

  • Meet with your pre-professional health and stem career advisor at least 1 time each semester.
  • Maintain a VCU cumulative GPA of at least a 2.7.

There are many routes a student can take to become a competent and competitive candidate for a graduate professional health program.  It is important for a student to engage in activities that are significant and meaningful to them, while holistically preparing themselves to be a future healthcare professional.

When you apply to your professional program of interest, you will be required to list, explain and articulate the experiences you’ve had that shape you as a pre-professional health student.  This journal keeps a digital and exportable account of all of these experiences.


Please read through the instructions on how to use the journal

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