I am a pre-medicine, pre-dental, etc. (Pre-Professional Health) student – should I take a letter grade or is it okay to take a P grade?  All pre-professional health students are encouraged to talk to their VCU Pre-professional health advisor by making an advising appointment or emailing preprofadv@vcu.edu.  The general consensus as of right now across the nation seems to be that a student should earn a letter grade in any course that is listed as a “prerequisite” course for any professional health program.  If the course is listed as “recommended” for a professional health program , then a P might be suitable. But the safest default answer right now for any student seeking admission to a professional health (pre-medicine, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, etc.) program is to work hard, and receive the letter grade earned in the course.

Here is a short blurb from Carnegie Mellon University to consider:

If you are wondering about completing courses as P/F, keep this in mind: as a pre-health student, you are going to face tremendous challenges in a health professions school, residency and medical practice where you will not have the P/F option. You will have to perform in situations where human wellbeing is the outcome, not a grade. You likely will have to conduct your medical duties under stress, such as during an acute emergency or extended pandemic. As your pre-health advisor, I encourage all pre-health students to endure and persevere. Stay motivated and remain focused so you can perform at your best. Strive to complete Sp20 courses for a grade; doing so will minimize/eliminate any potential confusion about whether schools will accept the courses.