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Professional Health Programs in Virginia, Maryland, DC, and North Carolina:

This excel file lists all schools in Virginia that have Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, OT, PT, Vet Med, PA along with their websites, gpa requirements and prerequisites.

Screenshot to demo: To view prerequisites simply click in one of the cells under the Prerequisite column as shown in the picture

List of VCU Graduate Programs and Certificates:

This is a list of all graduate and certificate programs offered by VCU School of Medicine.  These are great opportunities for students to consider who may want to further their education or to work on during a “glide year” prior to applying to a professional health program such as (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, etc.)


MD/PhD Programs nationwide


Post Bacc Medical Programs with Guaranteed Admissions


Scholarship Opportunities for Undergrads on a Pre-Professional Health Track


What to do in your first year as a VCU pre-professional health student (pdf)


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Creating an MCAT Study Plan – AAMC (pdf)