Multimodal Compositions

I learned from my own project that many people don’t care about global warming until it’s too late. Nadira did hers on the woman who actually discovered DNA and how it was credited to three other people, including her male science partner, largely because of gender biases and stolen work. I also learned about a soviet double spy who was just in it for the money. It was interesting to see that was the motive because while I understand why a person might want to be a spy for their country to help the cause, being a double spy goes against that.

Most Interesting Part of Unit 2

I thought the most interesting thing  I learned in Unit 2 was that lying is not only learned, but it comes naturally to us as human beings. It was also brought up that lying is not just telling a false statement, but it could be things as simple as altering your appearance with makeup, animals camouflaging themselves, leaving out bits and pieces when telling a story, etc. It was interesting to see whether people thought lying was because of nature or nurture. There were many interesting responses.

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book for UNIV 111. It educated me on the injustices that occurred both in the past and present in regards to the criminal justice system and the inequality that minorities and the poor face when going up against it. The stories that Bryan Stevenson shares angered me and saddened me, many times to the point of tears. However, that shows just how effective the book’s purpose was. I would definitely recommend for everyone to read it, regardless of whether you are liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between, for an eye opening compilation of stories.