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Snagit screencast creator

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Submitted by CJ Alderson

Review of Snagit video editing software

Some of you have previously posted reviews about Jing screen recording software and I am glad that some of you found it as useful as you did. As a PSYC 214 TA, I have been making and remaking SPSS tutorial videos on a semi regular basis simply using QuickTime on my iMac. I had been rather pleased with this method of making my screencasts and felt that Jing would have be a step backward from QuickTime, in that QT is not limited by a 5 min length restriction. However, because I wanted to use the program for myself, I searched for it and read about it. Whilst doing so, I found a product from the same software company (i.e., TechSmith) called Snagit that they released to replace Jing Pro. I found the description of Snagit interesting as it claimed have the ability to edit videos. I then downloaded the free 15-day trial version (it costs $49) to see If it would be useful for my purposes.

Compared to QuickTime, Snagit’s user interface is easier to navigate and is really intuitive to figure out how to use. I went through the process of making a video with the hopes of being able to edit out word fumbles and such but sadly this is not possible. When pressing the edit button the software prompted me to install even more software, which I found out costs $299. I felt betrayed! I was hoping to find a cheaper video editing tool that would be less clunky than the QuickTime recordings edited in iMovie setup I had been using. That hope didn’t pan out.

However, the software is not without its benefits. It gives you different window shape (e.g., square, rounded square, circle, oval) and style (e.g., recessed, mirrored bottom) options, allows for longer than 5 min video capture, and lets you blur areas of the screen, which is useful for blocking screen names and such. Its pretty cool software but I wont be changing from my current QuickTime/iMovie setup.