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Remind Smartphone App

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Submitted by Chelsea Hughes

The Remind smartphone app is a FREE classroom technology that’s used to allow teachers to communicate safely and effectively with students and, for younger age groups, their parents. The app begins with the teacher, who creates a unique code for their class. Then, using that code, students can sign up. Features of the app include the following:

– Text-based communication: Teachers can send mass messages to the class, and the app can be synced to either your email or your standard texting. It does not share your phone number. I really like this aspect, since so many students don’t check their emails regularly! Messages are also stored and easily accessed as a full message history.

– Stamps: Stamps allow you to receive feedback on your communications. Remind will even organize the output data for you. This would be a great way to conduct smaller evaluations, or launch mini quizzes for class. Stamps also track when individuals have seen the message.

-Scheduling: Because the app has a built-in calendar, you can schedule tasks for your students to see (exam due dates, etc.) . You can also schedule messages to be sent at specific times. I think this would be particularly helpful for out-of-class tasks that the students have to do. If, for example, they are supposed to attend a presentation that is outside of normal class hours, you could schedule a reminder message to be sent out.

-Attachments & Voice Clips: The app doesn’t just limit you to text. You can attach pictures, PDFs, record voice clips, and more. And, just like the messages, you can keep track of who has seen and interacted with the attachments.

Overall, I think this app is an excellent way to facilitate communication between students and teachers. I think this would be most helpful in smaller classes, or perhaps practicum-based or service-learning classes (in which consistent communication is important). Like many other classroom technologies, I think it does well to consolidate information and provide convenient access and storage of that information. Because of its multiple functions and versatility, it seems like every class could use Remind’s features to some extent. In the future, I’d like to utilize this tool for a class I’m teaching!


Available on iOS, Android, Tablets, and Computers.