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Turning Technology Clicker

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Submitted by Melanie Paige Moore

Turning Technology Clicker Overview: The Psychology 101 class that I’m a Teaching Assistant for has been using clickers since the beginning of the year. There are three main features you can use with the turning technologies clickers: PowerPoint polling, anywhere polling, and self-paced polling. With the PowerPoint polling feature you can set up your presentation so that the polling software opens up automatically when you advance the PowerPoint presentation to a slide that has questions on it. With self-paced polling you can create actual paper tests in which students use their clickers to give answers.

Anywhere Polling Feature: This is the feature I’ve found most useful. Anywhere polling allows you to ask questions at any time during class. It does not require that you have a PowerPoint application open or that you have questions pre-embedded within the PowerPoint slides, as the PowerPoint polling feature requires. For example, if you have 10 questions within your PowerPoint presentation you want to ask but decide mid-way through the presentation you want to add a question not previously included, anywhere polling will allow you to do so immediately. PowerPoint polling or self-paced polling will not.

Other Cool Features and Things to Know: There is a timer that appears with each question you ask so that students know how long they have to answer a question. Once all responses are collected at the end of the lecture, you can easily assign the number of participation points you want each question to be worth. It takes less than 1 minute to transfer all participation points earned in class to Blackboard. There is also a results manager feature that gives you stats on how well the class did in answering the clicker questions. The software is easy to learn and available for free along with a step by step guide at the Technologies Services center in the library if you are a Teaching Assistant. At the Center for Teaching Excellence there is a contact person you can use as a resource should you have any questions about the software (listed below). Student Feedback: Students have expressed that the enjoy using the clickers. They especially enjoy the opinion questions because they get to share their thoughts while simultaneously seeing how their opinions relate to the class as a whole.

For Clicker Help at VCU contact: Stan Anamuah-Mensah, Instructional Technologist

Email: sanamuahmens@vcu.edu

Turning Technologies website: http://www.turningtechnologies.com/higher-education