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Google Forms for Assessing Instructor Quality

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Submitted by Erin S

As I do not have a teaching assignment this year, I decided to seek out a guest lecture opportunity as one of my teaching activities. For my guest lecture, a PSYC 214 GTA let me take over her lab section to discuss independent samples t-tests with her students. To assess my strengths and weaknesses as an instructor, I created a short Google form with questions that are similar to those VCU uses to evaluate instructors. For example, I asked students about how well I explained the material, whether they would be open to taking a laboratory section with me in the future, etc. You may review my Google form here.

As the Google form was kept anonymous, it was my hope that students would be honest with their evaluations of my guest lecture. It is likely that if I stood in front of them and asked for their opinions on my effectiveness as an instructor, they might not feel comfortable answering. Because I am not regularly in front of students in a classroom setting, this feedback will be very useful to me as I consider my strengths and weaknesses as an instructor.

I found it helpful to get immediate feedback from students while the experience was still fresh in my mind. Although VCU’s end of semester evaluations are undoubtedly useful for instructors, gathering feedback on your teaching before the course ends may be helpful for instructors. This way, they may modify their teaching style to fit the needs of students, or identify areas they need to strengthen.

A major selling point for me was that Google forms are extremely easy to use, and only take a few minutes to set up. As others have previously discussed on this blog, there are numerous ways to use Google forms in the classroom. Other than assessing teaching effectiveness, instructors may use Google forms to send out a short assessment of students’ understanding of concepts presented in class, take attendance, or create quizzes for the course.