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Jing screencast for SPSS

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Submitted by Dave S

I recently created a screencast – using the Jing application – instructing students how to obtain descriptive statistics, frequencies, and a histogram in SPSS. I chose to create a screencast because students often express concern over navigating SPSS outside of class, in part due to their inability to follow along with some examples in class.

Jing is a free application that is easy to download (it only takes about 5 minutes) and navigate. The one main downside of this application is that, although free, it limits users to a five minute screencast. The only other issue that I ran into with this application was using it on Mac. It is important to note that all of your web browsers (i.e., Safari, Chrome, Firefox) must have the most recent flash player, or the application will not let you view your recently created screencast.

Jing was helpful in several domains. It allowed me to understand at what pace I tend to explain certain material and if I need to speed up or slow down. In addition, it makes me aware of when I use improper terminology to explain specific concepts. Lastly, it can be a great private tool for practicing to lecture certain material that you may find particularly difficult to explain and you would like to hear yourself attempt to present it. In sum, Jing is a useful application, especially for students using advanced computer software such as SPSS.