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Socrative (Smartphone Clicker)

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Submitted by Tennisha Riley

I am taking some of the preparing future faculty courses to earn the PFF distinction. I believe the program is in conjunction with the ALT lab. The course I took last semester was ‘Technology in Higher Education’ and they gave some really good resources and examples of using technology to improve instruction. One of the ideas I really liked was how to engage students in the course by use of active feedback. Most instructors use ‘clickers’ to do this but clickers are expensive and do not really get their full use. One of the resources they provided was Socrative. It is a web-based platform that allows you to ask quick multiple choice, short answer questions in class. BUT instead of using a clicker students can use a smartphone or any electronic device and download the app.

Students typically bring an electronic device to class anyway, and so I thought this was a great way to get students more involved through technology. On their website they have tons of resources that instructors who are using socrative share. You can use this feedback multiple ways. Some examples:

– Create a wordle! This one gets an exclamation point because it is one of my favorite. I think it would be great to get students’ feedback on ex: “what word comes to mind when you think about adolescence” and then present it to them visually.

– Voting. Students can vote on pre-constructed answers or peer answers.

– Short answer. I think this is a good way to get students who are not as vocal involved. Aside from reading the answer aloud you could always ask them to explain why they decided upon an answer.

– Reports. You can get instant feedback on whether students understand the material.
I wish I could say how user friendly it is but I do not have a teaching assignment this semester. However, if you all want to humor me, I can give you my classroom link and we can start a wordle!

Weblink below: