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YouTube for Displaying Course-Related Videos

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Submitted by Tarah Raldiris

Last semester, while teaching an introductory psychology course at a community college, I found showing content-related videos in class to be helpful for students to better understand many of the concepts. However, I quickly realized that there often was not enough time to show many of the interesting videos I had found, and some students also expressed a desire to watch the videos on their own time at home. Because of this, I thought it would be useful to develop a YouTube channel that presented videos relevant to the course content that students could access at home. Although I occasionally watch videos on YouTube, I have never been very savvy with navigating the website and knew absolutely nothing about creating my own channel. Luckily, there are plenty of YouTube videos available to teach clueless people like myself how to begin creating a channel!

I currently TA for PSYC 321, Social Psychology, and decided to create a channel, titled “Social Psychology Resources,” that would display videos related to the content specific to that course. The first challenge was figuring out how to develop a channel that contained videos from others’ channels. I watched a video about how to add others’ videos to a playlist and then how to make that playlist visible to the public. With this information, I poked around YouTube for a while collecting videos into playlists that I thought would be useful for the course. I then realized that even though I had added many videos to a public playlist, they were not visible on the home screen of my channel, and users would have to navigate to my “Playlists” page in order to view them. This wasn’t ideal and I wanted my home page to clearly display the videos I had added. I then spent some time learning from more YouTube videos how to redesign my channel’s home page so that playlists could easily be seen and learned how to design different sections with specific videos. This gave the idea to separate the videos into sections related to chapters covered by each exam. So I separated my channel into four different sections that corresponded to chapters 1-4, chapters 5-8, chapters 9-12, and chapters 13 and 14. This would allow students to easily identify and watch videos that correspond to each exam.

Developing this YouTube channel was an entirely new experience for me, but it was easily manageable due to all the how-to videos already available on YouTube. The hardest part for me was (and still is) figuring out how to add my desirable channel art, as large photos are required and I can’t find any photos with large enough pixel dimensions, and my photo editing skills are definitely sub-par. Overall, I’m happy with the way my channel turned out and I can see this being useful in the future if I teach my own Social Psychology course. Not only could students use it to enhance their understanding of concepts, but I could also create homework assignments based around having students watch certain videos I have added to the channel and asking them to either answer questions or write reflection papers on what they learned.

Here is the link to my channel so check it out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjTpWviScWv1DeVo2pQsAdQ