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In the first six weeks of class we learned a lot of helpful things that can help us with trying to live our best lives. When I took the Keyes’ Flourishing Scale test, I found out that I was flourishing which was an eye opener for me because to be honest I felt like I was more so languishing. The model helped me see that I am doing more than just going along in life without a real purpose; I matter. This also relates to what we learned recently about ways to use our strengths and knowing that there is no such thing as weaknesses, only strengths that we do not use as much. That was new and surprising to me. Taking the VIA survey was really cool and I was shocked to see what my top 5 strengths were.

I always knew that genetics had some influences on behavior, but Dr. Dick confirmed that even more for me. It is kind of scary because alcoholism has had an impact on my family, but most of my family members have recognized that it is a problem and have become “social drinkers” which is a lot better. I stay away from alcohol because it is nasty and I prefer whine Lol. I refuse to let alcoholism become a part of who I am, or will be in the future.

By doing the weekly exercises, I have a learned more about myself than I’ve known in a while. I am starting to use the strategies that I’ve learned in this class to be a happier me! I will live my best life, that’s that Eudemonic happiness!!


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  1. Hi Kyla, I’m glad to hear that the Keyes’ model helped you feel better about where you’re at in life. And yes – you DO matter! Never forget that! It’s really wise that you avoid alcohol. The college atmosphere is riddled with binge drinking. Stay above the influence!

  2. I think being required to do self evaluations like the quizzes we do in class is really helpful to achieving self awareness. It can serve as a reminder that we are not moving at our full potential or give us the comfort of being able to carry on as is. In your case, it was a bit of affirmation that you are doing alright and for others it can be a push to make some gradual lifestyle improvements.

  3. I really love that this class has opened your eyes to how awesome you are. It’s crazy to think that these little weekly exercises can help us throughout the rest of our lives. It also helpful that now you know the impact of genetics on disorders such as alcoholism, staying away from alcohol is probably a good choice for most of us!

  4. I definitely second with all of these classmates that staying away from alcohol with that history is a wise choice. I’m currently taking a theory of addiction class and some people find that they can keep their drinking under control with just drinking in social settings while others have a harder time doing this or doing this without help; so its great that your family has been able to tackle this problem that effects so many! Yet, still be careful not to forget that wine is still alcohol that deserves the respect of the moderation you’ve been able to practice so well and keep up the great work! (:

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