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The topics of emotional resilience, getting to know yourself through your personality traits, and social and emotional learning are connected in a way. Once you are able to get to know yourself, you can build your emotional resilience by using the skills learned from social and emotional learning. Thinking back to when we took the VIA Strengths survey, we learned about our strengths, and that can also help with emotional resilience as well.  For example, one  of my top 5 strengths was Love of Learning. If someone was to say something mean like “oh you’re such a  nerd, it irritates me,” my emotional resilience would help me cope with that and not feel bad about loving to learn. My social and emotional skills will prevent me from saying mean things back.

Larger insights that I’v learned from the class more so have to do with what I’ve learned about myself.  I never realized that I was a high sensation seeker until I took the SURPS because I honestly thought I was just a borderline adrenaline junkie. I love getting on roller coasters and I want to bungee jump and zip line one day, and I just like to laugh a lot and have fun. Ever since I found out that I was flourishing even though I felt like I was languishing, I feel like I’ve been a lot happier lately.

Changes that I am working on making are my automatic negative thoughts pattern, and trying to find ways to use my other strengths from the VIA survey that I learned about. One of the readings talked about how positive thoughts and positive psychology work together, so the negative thoughts need to be tamed.  Also, I am starting to write down daily reasons about what made me happy, and I try to find the good in the bad that happens. I still have A LOT of work to do, but I’ll get to where I want to be soon, hopefully.

This photo has to do with the resilience part of my post. Resilience can protect a person against stress, anxiety, depression, etc., and promotes life satisfaction. Build your emotional resilience, and live a happy life!


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  1. I really like the picture that you have posted because it has a deeper meaning. I also believe we should enjoy our lives to the fullest rather than worrying. As a college student, we are worried about our classes and grades, but if we think forget about studies for one hour, we can reenergize ourselves and remove the negative effects. This class has already helped me a lot in terms of positive thinking, and I hope everyone in this class has been doing well since enrolling in this class.

  2. I love the picture you chose! I do agree with you, Positive thoughts do go hand in hand with positive psychology. I am glad that your SURPS score was able to help you know yourself better so you can work on yourself!

  3. Great picture. really gives insight on the concept of human resilience and touches base on positive psychology. good luck on your goals that you started from what you learned throughout those weeks

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