Welcome to the UNIV 200 “Living the Dreams: Digital Investigation and Unfettered Minds.”  This site includes course content specifically for Section 059, AKA Team Pterotype, though all are welcome to wander around.

Here is a welcome video I made to introduce myself and to discuss the nature of this particular brand of UNIV 200.  Please watch!


Here is a map of our course site:

  • Syllabus” contains the common #thoughtvectors syllabus as written on the main course site.  This applies to all sections.
  • Schedule” includes the full course schedule as written on the main course site, along with a page containing the details of the current week for our class section.
  • FAQ” includes helpful links and explanations of required internet tools for the course.  Additionally, it includes a comment box to ask me questions.  I will respond to them on the FAQ as I receive them.
  • Section 059 Blogs” is a link to an aggregate of Team Pterotype blog posts where you can see what everyone in our section is creating.
  • Web Tool and Tutorials” Here you can find general information about using required online tools and other web tutorials.
  • Main Site” Is a link to the main course site for #thoughtvectors, our “front porch.”  Here you will find all of the blog posts from everyone a part of the course, as well as specific links to other course pages and content.


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