Post #1: Introduction

Growing up, I read quite a lot of the Sherlock Adventures. I dropped out of school at 14 due to health reasons and spent much of the time I was bedridden reading. My favorites were “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist” and “The Adventure of the Dancing Men”. It was during those years as well that I became interested in fanfiction. As a young queer person, I was frustrated by not only the lack of representation in mainstream media but the blatant queerbaiting by shows like the BBC’s Sherlock. As I grew increasingly frustrated with various shows and comics’ canon, I spent more and more time reading fanfiction. I’m not much of a Harry Potter fan, but seeing artists like Maia Kobabe using fan creations to reclaim and critique texts only cemented my love. Lately, we’ve seen more queer representation in media- Supernatural and DC have both made attempts recently, and to be frank, they sucked. I have read literally thousands of fanfics that have done better jobs. All of this is to say, I have a great appreciation for both Sherlock canon and the metric ton of fan work that has followed in its wake.


I really appreciate the Maia Kobabe tip, as well as your titular spelling of “FanFiction”! We’ll be discussing Moftiss’s treatment of fans toward the end of the semester, when the contrast with *Supernatural* will be an inevitable topic of discussion.

(I’m still working on syndicating your commonplace book to the class’s, so don’t be alarmed that it hasn’t shown up there!)

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