Post #3: Crossovers

In my attempts to plan and begin writing my pastiche, I found myself waffling between a few different characters for my Watson replacement. Bruce Wayne was the first character that came to mind. I read a wonderful fanfic in which Bruce Wayne interns at X-Files early on in his training for Batman. As the Sherlock Adventures are reported by Watson, I thought it may be an interesting narration- Bruce acting ditzy as per his usual, but in his report relaying clues that stuck out to him, but could not be voiced to Holmes. Ultimately, I moved on to picking one of the Robins instead and eventually decided on Tim Drake, the third Robin. Tim is used to playing sidekick and is a detective in his own right. He would certainly be able to keep up with Holmes without stealing the show. Time Travel Shenanigans easily can be explained away by the general insanity that is DC. Finally, I think picking a Gotham-based character makes sense especially in the context of “The Adventure of The Devil’s Foot” as the idea of a combustible substance that causes insanity/horror plays directly into the same vein as Scarecrow’s fear toxin. Creative writing is truly not my strong suit, but I’m still excited about how well I think this crossover will go.


This sounds like an ambitious project, and (not “but”) I love that your proposed crossover is inspired by another crossover of what at first appear to be mismatched-but-perfectly-matched sidekicks who are more than just foils.

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