Authorial Intent

While reading Studies In The Literature of Sherlock Holmes, I began thinking once again about authorial intent. The text talks about paying special attention to details that aren’t meant to be paid attention to, which is something I find myself doing often. Though, then I begin to question if we actually weren’t supposed to pay special attention or if it’s subtext… and I spiral from there. Ultimately, I end up in the same place again and again- It doesn’t actually matter. I’ve certainly been influenced by watching copious amounts of John Green content growing up. He’s a vocal supporter of stories belonging to their readers. As I said in class, I think fanfiction can be a powerful tool for reclaiming a text, particularly in the case of something like Harry Potter.
One example of truly and entirely missing the point of a book is Cold Crash Pictures’s initial take on The Fountain Head. He has a whole video about how when he first read it he genuinely thought it was a book about the creative process- it’s a fascinating take. The video is also well worth watching because he completely trashed Ayn Rand for an hour, which is always a joy to behold. Cold Crash Pictures is also relevant in that he has a wonderful series that uses dinosaur movies to explain sociological concepts. For example, he uses Jurassic Park to talk about gender and trans identity! Though I believe the exploration of gender in Jurassic park was entirely intentional- I’m not sure if asking whether the dinosaurs were trans was. This is one of those really wonderful scenarios I mentioned earlier. It doesn’t much matter what the authorial intent was to me because Trans dinosaurs!!!!

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