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Hello everyone! My name is Qarahn Anbiya, but everyone calls me Q. I’m currently a non-degree seeking grad student, and hoping to move into the master’s of sociology program for the fall of 2017.

I’m from Fredericksburg, VA, and I just received my BS in sociology from VCU this past December. I absolutely love anything related to Pok√©mon or Harry Potter related. My favorite kinds of books are fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian novels. I have a huge passion for the sphere of higher education. Also, on the weekends I play Quidditch and travel with my friends to play teams in other states.

I’ve had some experience with collecting original quantitative data, and I’ve done a good amount of reading on the topic of research itself. As it stands, I have a preference for qualitative over quantitative, but we’ll see how that is by the end of the semester!

I’m honestly very concerned about our research proposal having to be mixed methods. I’ve done quantitative data collection and analysis, and I wasn’t good at it at all. I’m a friendly person, so qualitative comes more naturally for me since I get to deal with people more often. However, I hope to learn how to become better at dealing with quantitative data, and I have every intention of doing my very best to make an excellent proposal for the end of the semester.



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