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Qatar is the inspiration for this design competition. A hot, humid climate where the temperatures can exceed 45 degrees C on a summer day. But Qatar is not alone. All over the world, climate change is a reality – global warming, sandstorms, overheating oceans, and drought are part of the increasingly worrying picture.

Qooler is about ideas

Through participation in Qooler, we look for individuals to contribute to the global discourse on climate change and explore how experimentation, innovation, invention and design can make all the difference to the world.

Through Qooler we seek solutions to the problems that climate change creates for humankind.

How to participate

The objective of Qooler is to create an open forum where each entry becomes part of a global conversation on the contribution of design to global change.

We want to encourage thinking beyond today’s limitations. We want to see, hear and discuss concepts, prototypes, and pioneering designs intended to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry and excite the imagination.


Qooler wants designs that answer the call for bespoke and innovative solutions to support human adaptability to the heat, humidity, air quality impacts of the climate crisis. Each entry will be accompanied by a narrative that describes the experimental and speculative aspects of the entry and its conceptual framework.
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The competition is open to all applicants aged 18 and up. Competitors can enter alone or as a team.

  • The design must be your original work and idea.
  • You must have all rights to the work and idea and have not entered into commercial or licensing arrangements with any other entity at the time of entry.
  • You will have read and signed our terms and conditions of participation upon submission of your work.


The competition wants designs that answer the call for bespoke and innovative solutions to support human adaptability to the outdoors, considering the heat, humidity, air quality problems posed by the ongoing climate crisis around the world.

Venn diagram showing relationship between desireability, viability, and feasibility.

Be desirable, viable, and feasible.

These three lenses are critical in all good design and are often referred to as “the trifecta of innovation.”

Desirable: how can we create an experience that is truly human-centered and answers to the needs and aspirations of its intended audience?

Feasible: what do we need to do in order to make the project happen? What are the variables we must take into account for the project to become a reality?

Viable: how might you show that the solution is linked to a sustainable business model?


Be innovative.

Creativity is key. We want to see new ideas with the potential for true impact.


Show evidence of a rigorous research process informing the design solution proposed.

A well-researched submission clearly describes the problem, stakeholders, purpose, and proposes a solution that is contextually grounded and well informed.


Have sustainable qualities and properties.

The design should consider the use of reusable or recycled materials, be biodegradable, and have an extended lifespan.

Competition timeline

OCT 2020
NOV 2020
DEC 2020
JAN 2021

Awards and Exhibitions

The winning submissions will be announced at an awards ceremony, via national and international media and exhibited in Qatar at Tasmeem Doha in the Spring of 2021.

Tasmeem Doha is VCUarts Qatar’s biennial international conference focusing on contemporary themes in arts and design.

Award Ceremony

Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the selected designer(s) and presented during the competition’s award ceremony in conjunction with the Tasmeem 2021 Conference.

Endorsed by the Qatar Foundation Research and Development and innovation (RDI) with jury members from academia and practice.

1st Prize $ 5,000
2nd Prize $ 3,000
3rd Prize $ 2,000
Honorable Mention


Frederica Visan

Assistant Professor, VCUArts Qatar, Fashion Department
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Thomas Modeen

Associate Professor, VCUArts, MFA Department
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