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Learning Leadership Presence

I am surprised about what I’ve learned as a result of the Leadership Presence class. When class initially began, I was disappointed to read about the iPres and PRES concepts in our course books (Hedges, 2012; Halpern & Lubar, 2003). I had picked up the skills the authors discussed along my personal and professional journey. So I found it difficult to engage in some of the work. But that changed quickly with the curveball interview.

I learned that I have more than a few opportunities to improve my leadership presence. I freeze in front of cameras, whether still photography or video. I actively hide myself so my personality is hidden behind a serious, “all business” protective façade. I am challenged in being vulnerable in certain leadership spaces. While I can attribute this to my preference for introversion, I know I have to moderate this aspect of myself in order to increase my leadership presence.

I learned a different lesson with the TED-like talk assignment. When I was unable to prepare for the assignment by the due date, I felt ashamed. In spite of knowing I tried all I could, my reasons still sounded like poor excuses. I discovered how critical I am of myself. I learned that I have another level of self-acceptance to offer myself. I will be working on that during the winter break.






Hedges, K. (2012). The Power of Presence. New York, NY: Amacom.

Halpern, B. L., & Lubar, K. (2003). Leadership presence: Dramatic techniques to reach out, motivate, and inspire. New York, NY: Gotham Books.


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  1. arkinjh

    Thank you for the courage to be vulnerable in this post. You have listed quite a few faults here, but you also have risen above them with your admission of being less than perfect and willing to learn. Perfectionism can be a curse, and I’m glad that you recognize you need to do some “letting go” in order to grow as a leader. No deadlines here, just the ongoing dedication to getting better, one step at a time. Thanks for sharing.
    Dr A

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