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Random thoughts about Halloween

I recall going trick or treat as a child, but I don’t recall at what age I stopped. I do remember the scare when razor blades were found in apples. Parents started having parties. Churches would have “trunk or treat” activities and local malls began to host trick or treaters. Halloween was never a big deal for me. My family didn’t make a big deal out of it either. Although, my oldest sister used to play The Monster Mash,, which scared the daylights out of me at the time.

I watched scary movies as a teen, but I never thought fear was funny. It seemed like I was afraid of a lot as a young girl. So as I grew into an adult, I realized Halloween was recognized by scary experiences. I didn’t want to instill fear in my children nor did I believe in giving them a lot of candy. I also limited the amount of commercialized celebrations that required me to spend money on temporary things for my children. I focused on giving them family experiences that were meaningful outside of spending money. My children didn’t trick or treat and I don’t give out candy. I’d be the boring house giving out books or something. I just don’t open the door. After all, who wants to be “that” lady?

I am not sure when Halloween became such a big deal for adults. Maybe it always has been, but since I have grown it seems more pronounced. I suppose any reason to get together and have fun with other people is a good reason. I’m not opposed to having fun. I do enjoy seeing the creativity of costumes, especially for kids and dogs. Perhaps Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. Just a brief moment to laugh and enjoy being silly. I could really go for that right now.

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  1. Charol Shakeshaft

    I remember the first Halloween in my own home. I gave out pencils and toothbrushes and other little things like that. I like carving pumpkins and I liked sewing the costumes for my daughter through the years. It’s a weird event and I’m stunned at the level of decoration that has become part of Halloween.

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