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Month: November 2019


The main thing that is hard about interviewing for me is to remember that qualitative research interviewing is not social work interviewing nor is it counseling. My background is social work and ministry. As a result, I’m more inclined to listen for problem exploration or to determine an appropriate course of action rather than to explore a research topic. I will have to remind myself that my objective is qualitative research and not therapeutic.

Additionally, I talk to people literally all day in my school context – students, parents, teachers, possible stakeholders. I identify as an introvert, so I will have to plan my interviews wisely so that I’m not drained and talking like an idiot by the time I get to the last person.

All in all, I am looking forward to hearing the perspective of the research participants.


I have been told that voting was my duty because of the black people who died for my right to vote. My . motivation for voting comes from thinking about my obligation to the current and future generations. I can’t be certain, but it seems those who died for my right to vote were thinking of making life better for future generations not necessarily martyring themselves on my behalf.

I have been told that if I don’t vote, I don’t have a right to complain about what happens in society. Honestly, I have yet to see how not voting removes my right to complain. My not voting could be a protest about what happens in society when the political process is not accessible to “regular” people; when partisan politics alienates the country; and when corporate interests remove what power my vote might have.

Speaking of the power of my vote, I have been told that my vote is my voice such that if I don’t vote I don’t have a voice. I believe voting is not that straightforward, cause-and-effect process we would like it to be. If voting were straightforward, would the electoral college exist? Would lobbyist have access to politicians? Would political ads be as prolific and profitable for the media?

It is my responsibility as a citizen to know why I am voting for a particular candidate beyond sound bites and dog whistles. It is my responsibility to reflect on my priorities and determine which candidate truly aligns with my priorities as far as it is possible. As an educator, I think it is important to help students think critically about the electoral process in this country and their participation in it.

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