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The main thing that is hard about interviewing for me is to remember that qualitative research interviewing is not social work interviewing nor is it counseling. My background is social work and ministry. As a result, I’m more inclined to listen for problem exploration or to determine an appropriate course of action rather than to explore a research topic. I will have to remind myself that my objective is qualitative research and not therapeutic.

Additionally, I talk to people literally all day in my school context – students, parents, teachers, possible stakeholders. I identify as an introvert, so I will have to plan my interviews wisely so that I’m not drained and talking like an idiot by the time I get to the last person.

All in all, I am looking forward to hearing the perspective of the research participants.

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  1. Charol Shakeshaft

    Those are thoughtful, and, insightful, cautions. But it also seems that your experience in social work and ministry gives you not only the skills, but also the disposition, to garner trust and openness. The part about being drained is a wise caution. CS

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