My leadership beliefs and philosophy are shaped by my formal education, personal observation and professional experience. Effective leaders exhibit certain characteristics that inform the way in which they lead. Honesty, integrity, timeliness, preparedness and trustworthiness lay the foundation for effective leadership. People are compelled to follow those who are sincere; who intentionally live their higher values; who make well-timed decisions; who are ready to work and keep their promises. From this foundation, an image of effective leadership emerges as one who is a visionary, an innovator, a reflective practitioner and a mentor to others.

I strive to be a visionary leader. Effective leadership requires one to be a visionary. One must be able to see the ideal, articulate it with clarity and show others how their gifts and talents fit into the big picture. Being a visionary is essential for effective leadership in that it helps maintain focus on the big picture in the midst of day to day challenges of implementation.

I seek to be an innovative leader in the organizations that I serve. Innovative leaders bring their past experiences and education to bear considering the differences in each context. Being an innovative leader means one is committed to contribute positively to the organization. Effective leaders give their best to an organization.

I aim to be a consistent reflective practitioner. The ability to critically examine one’s actions in light of values and theories that inform everyday practice is crucial to effective leadership. Reflective practice demonstrates humility, accountability and responsibility as a leader. The self-aware leader seeks out constructive criticism from peers as a support for reflective practice.

I aspire to invest in others in my leadership roles. Effective leaders give time, belief, opportunity and resources to develop their team members. By definition, leaders guide and direct. Leadership implies forward movement toward an end goal. The leader has to move in order to have others follow. Mentorship opens the way for others to follow.

Qasarah’s Resume