Your guide to queer VCU

In conjunction with the Q Collective, Queer Circle at VCU is a digital hub of queer resources that aims to elevate LGBTQ+ goals, achievements and opportunities available within the VCU community and beyond. The Queer Circle was made by queer people for queer education to enrich inclusive spaces in Richmond and highlight complimentary services and fellowships.

An aerial view of the Compass from a top floor of Cabell Library. Students walk and ride bikes along the paths between Hibbs Hall and Market 810 or cluster in the middle of the Compass.  It is a relaxed sunny day.

LGBTQ+ Academics

Interested in pursuing LGBTQ+ studies or learning more about queer topics?
Photo of gender-inclusive restroom on-campus

Stay Safe and Healthy

Health resources, safe housing and inclusive bathrooms
Image description: “A Few of the Many Pride Flags.” Three rows of various pride flags. Top row, left to right: agender, aromantic, asexual, bisexual, demisexual. Middle row: genderfluid, genderqueer, intersex, lesbian, pansexual. Bottom row: polysexual, progress, nonbinary, traditional, transgender

Stay Informed

Know your rights and learn more about LGBTQ+ topics
two hands, one dark brown and one white, holding pinkies in front of a waving rainbow pride flag

Get Connected

Organizations, support groups and hotlines at VCU, in Richmond, and beyond