Listening journal: Week 1 #3

Today since it was so nice out and not as hot as yesterday, I decided to sit out by the pool of my apartment complex. I decided to listen out there since there was only one other person out there that was laying out peacefully. When I listened, I heard the jets of the pool, a couple birds chirping, and people moving things out of a truck across the street. The jets in the pool kind of resembled a very fast drum roll to me. The birds sounded like a flute, and the people moving sounded sort of like a bass drum every time they placed a heavy object on the ground. These sounds all came together and made me imagine a band playing.

Listening journal: Week 1 #2

When I sleep, I use a white noise machine in order for me to get a better sleep and drown out any noises coming from the outside world. Today, I woke up, turned it off, and listened closely to see if I could hear anything. I could hear the air blowing out of the vents, the fan making a very slight ticking noise, and very faint music coming from the apartment above me. These noises seemed so loud once I turned the white noise machine off since I am so used to using it every night.

Thoughts on Listening

In Presque rein, I noticed many of the sounds to be rhythmic, but overall I would not consider it music. The most musical event to me was the birds. Their sounds seemed similar to musical instruments and was very appealing to the ears. I also noticed near the end of the piece there was something creating drum-like sounds, which was also very rhythmic. The constant beating made it seems as though it was keeping a beat, which I consider important when making music. I don’t see music as being random sounds. Random sounds can sometimes sound similar to sounds we hear in music, but I believe that music has to have a purpose and the sounds should be created intentionally.