Listening Journal Week 3 #2

Yesterday, I went for a walk around my apartment in the middle of the afternoon. It was a bit windy, and all you could hear was the plants and trees blowing in the wind. It was a very relaxing sound. The only other noises I could hear at the time were a few random birds chirping every so often. Soon, I started hearing music in the background, and it kept getting closer. It was an ice cream truck coming down the street towards me. This walk was no longer relaxing due to this loud upbeat tune getting louder and louder as it approached me. I’ve never realized how loud these trucks were. When it passed me, it was hard for me not to cover my ears. I don’t ever remember ice cream trucks being this loud as a kid. As an adult, that sound did the opposite of attract me. I think they should change the type and volume of music they play because when I first saw it coming down the street it made me want ice cream, but by the time it got to me I was just too annoyed by the sound and just wanted it to pass.

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