Listening Journal Week 3 #3

Today, I spent my day down by the river. It is one of my favorite places to go mostly because of the sounds. I found a new spot that I had never been to where water was spraying out of these huge pipes and made it look as though there was a waterfall. This was making a pretty loud noise and there were a lot of people talking and hanging out around it as I got there, so overall it was pretty loud in that area. I decided to get closer to this waterfall-looking thing, and I ended up getting so close that I couldn’t hear all the other people talking or their music playing at all. It’s crazy how even though the water was so loud, it was very relaxing. I’m glad some sounds can drown other sounds out because I did not want to hear those people loudly talking and playing music the whole time I was there.

One thought on “Listening Journal Week 3 #3”

  1. ah, the sonic power of water. the rhythm of it flow connects us on so many levels. so many adjectives to describe it.
    White noise, whether it be waves or earbuds, is a good source for masking what we don’t want to hear. Engaging our ears in a different direction.

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