Listening Journal Week 4 #1

Last night, I went to Cary St. Gym at one of the busiest times. I am usually listening to music when I work out, so I never really hear what the gym sounds like. When I wasn’t wearing my headphones, I could hear many different sounds. I heard very loud boom sounds randomly, which had to be from people picking up very heavy weights and dropping them. I heard many clanking metal sounds coming from the machines as well as the voices of people talking. All of these sounds seemed to jumble together as all these people made their own unique sounds, whether it was talking, laughing, grunting, while they used the different pieces of equipment that each made different sounds as well. I don’t think I have ever heard so many different sounds at once. I am curious to hear what it sounds like when the gym isn’t as packed.

2 thoughts on “Listening Journal Week 4 #1”

  1. When I worked out at the Shortpump American Family Fitness all I could ever hear was everyone on the treadmills. The feet hitting the tread sounded like horses galloping.

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