Listening Journal Week 4 #2

Today, when I woke up, I went outside my bedroom and sat on the couch. It was the quietest I think I’ve ever heard my apartment. My cats were asleep, the air conditioning was off, I couldn’t hear the refrigerator running, and the weather outside was calm. I tried to listen as closely as I could to see if I could hear anything at all. All I could make out was a very faint humming sound but I could not figure out what it was from. I’m not even completely sure I wasn’t just creating this sound in my head since I was trying to hard to hear something. It was just so quiet and I am not used to not hearing any sounds at all, so it was a weird experience.

3 thoughts on “Listening Journal Week 4 #2”

  1. Interesting observation. Why are we as humans so not as ease when there is a lack of sound? I find myself unable to work or feel comfortable without some sort of noise – I even turn on the TV so I can do homework with it playing in the background!

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