Listening Journal Week 4 #3

Today, I went to Starbucks to get a coffee and noticed there were a lot of people either on their laptops, doing some type of paperwork or homework, or sitting there listening to their headphones. It got me thinking about the fact that many people go there to study, do homework, or read. Usually when I go there it’s not super quiet, so I’ve always wondered how people can focus in there. When I listened, I heard music that was pretty relaxing, and not distracting at all. There were other noises coming from the baristas making the coffees, which was pretty loud, but didn’t seem to distract anyone at all. When I actually stopped and listened to the atmosphere, it really didn’t seem as bad. I’m used to them rushing around trying to get everyone’s coffee, so it had always seemed like a place that would be hard to focus in.

One thought on “Listening Journal Week 4 #3”

  1. I constantly wonder the same. why do people go to places of social interaction, like a coffee shop, to read, work, etc. when in turn they have to create an isolation with headphones?

    most be the best alternative to where they were before.

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