Listening Journal Week 5 #3

Today, I woke up to many different sounds. Outside I could hear some type of outdoor machine. It sounded like a leaf blower, but there aren’t any leaves on the ground, so I figured it had to be something else. I looked outside and couldn’t tell where that noise was coming from. During this time, I also heard noises coming from inside my apartment building that sounded very similar to the one outside. At first I heard it outside my door, and I’m pretty sure it was someone vacuuming the hallway. A couple minutes later I heard the same noise coming from above me. I’m assuming this was someone else vacuuming their apartment. For some reason the noises above always sound so much louder, like someone is trying to make as much noise as they can.

One thought on “Listening Journal Week 5 #3”

  1. Cleaning day = a day for earplugs.
    noticing the difference between indoor/outdoor sounds is great. keep making yourself aware of that idea of echolocation. how might it help in listening to a piece of music? especially one with a lot of instruments.

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