Listening Journal Week 6 #1

So, ever since I started taking this class, I’ve constantly had a lot of the songs we listen to stuck in my head, even ones that don’t have words. For some reason, I never thought I would find myself humming these songs. Usually I just get really annoying songs from the radio stuck in my head, but I actually am realizing I enjoy these songs much more than most songs that are out here today. They have definitely broadened my horizon. I just think it’s funny that for the past month, the only songs I can’t get out of my head, are the ones from our listening lists and that is fine with me, even though no one else knows what I’m talking (or singing) about. I’d have to say, it is much better than Justin Bieber.

2 thoughts on “Listening Journal Week 6 #1”

  1. I feel the same. When I go into work I usually have the last song stuck in my head or some awful melody that just won’t go away. Lately, I have nothing but Mozart in my head. Not a bad thing just different.

  2. “Earworms”.
    the tricky power of the brain to connect music to a situation at random. sometimes for better or worse. certain rhythms in your surrounding might suggest a tune.

    The tunes on our listening lists will stick, it’ll just take some time for them to soak in. You’ve digested a lot of music in a short time frame.

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