Concert Attendance #1

This past July Fourth, I decided to do something different since I had already went to see fireworks the day before. I saw an event on Facebook called “Red, White, and Lights” that was an event with food, activities, a performance by the Richmond Symphony and a light show at the end, so I decided to check it out. I went towards the end when the symphony was playing and then stayed for the light show, and I’m so glad that I did. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. This was probably one of the most unique and entertaining symphony performances out there. First of all, I have never seen that many people together to see a symphony. Yes, many of the people were there mainly for the light show, but without the symphony playing, the light show would have been nothing. They played very happy, upbeat music, most of which sounded very familiar. Some of them made me think of typical music you would hear at events with a lot of people. The fact that it was outside was also significant because there were so many people there making other noises, rather than the audience being almost completely quiet. I was probably near the center of all the people which was probably almost 100 feet away, and I could still hear it pretty clearly; it was only slightly muffled. It didn’t seem as clear as it would have been if it were inside, but it still sounded amazing. The lights definitely added to their performance as well. It was incredible how lights and sounds can be put together and create something so entertaining. I would definitely recommend checking it out next year if you didn’t get a chance this year!

2 thoughts on “Concert Attendance #1”

  1. Could you describe the music you heard in finer detail?
    Did it have a patriotic flair to it?
    Did the symphony along with the light show?
    How did the music amplify the power of the light show?

    Being a celebratory atmosphere, I know it’s not the most conducive to taking notes.

    1. I couldn’t really think of a good way to describe the type of music, but I just thought of exactly what it reminded me of. It sounded like the music you would hear at Busch Gardens, very familiar sounding music that probably most people have heard before but can’t remember where. All the songs had a very upbeat tempo with a main melody. I remember there being parts louder than others at certain notes. There were not very many patriotic sounds from what I remember. I know at one point I heard some during one song, but it was only a small part. It sounded kind of like a remix. I’m guessing because it wasn’t a very serious setting so they were trying to make it more fun. They ended with the Star Wars theme Song, so that right there should tell you what kind of event it was. The Symphony played along with the lights. The lights were mostly a bunch of lines moving very fast in many directions, but they also made pictures that went with the song. The music amplified the power of the light show because when you are watching something without sound, it is hard to follow it and the lights seem random. When there is music involved, it kind of makes it appear as if the music is creating the lights, with certain visual pictures associated with certain sounds. Sound along with the visual to go with it comes together to make it something completely different than each on its own.

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