Concert Attendance #2\


The piece that I chose for my second concert was one from the VCU Scholars Compass. It was a junior recital by Jason Garland on the tenor trombone. I chose this piece because I am not very familiar with the trombone, and I was curious to hear what it would sound like in a concert. When I listened to it, I heard a strong trombone sound, along with a piano in the background that would occasionally play on its own. The trombone played mostly long notes, varying the pitch greatly throughout as well as the volume. At times, the tempo of the piano would speed up along with the tempo of the trombone, and at other times the piano or trombone would be playing slower than the other. The trombone sound is overpowering and dense and the piano sound is light and airy so putting the two together creates a unique contrast of sounds. I liked it for the most part, but at some points I felt as if the trombone was too much. When the trombone was played at the loudest points, I felt that it was too much and it completely overtook the piano playing in the background and just sounded like a jumble of sounds. I did, however, enjoy it when the trombone was being played softer along with the piano because both sounds seemed to flow together.

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  1. the louder, overpowering parts are the signature sounds of the trombone. It’s meant to create “oomph”, and power in the orchestra or jazz band. What you’re noticing is the dynamic balance between piano and trombone, or accompaniment versus featured instrument.

    Favorite piece from the recital? name and composer?

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