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Listening Journal Week 6 #2

So with it being the fourth of July weekend, I knew I would be hearing fireworks every night all weekend. Last night before I went to bed, I heard fireworks coming from every direction all around us. Most of them were pretty far away so I didn’t really see much, but I could hear everything.  All I could here were continuous popping sounds. It sounded exactly like popcorn popping, which immediately made me hungry. This went on for about 10 minutes straight. It’s funny how to sound of an explosion in the sky can make me hungry for something to eat.

Listening Journal Week 6 #1

So, ever since I started taking this class, I’ve constantly had a lot of the songs we listen to stuck in my head, even ones that don’t have words. For some reason, I never thought I would find myself humming these songs. Usually I just get really annoying songs from the radio stuck in my head, but I actually am realizing I enjoy these songs much more than most songs that are out here today. They have definitely broadened my horizon. I just think it’s funny that for the past month, the only songs I can’t get out of my head, are the ones from our listening lists and that is fine with me, even though no one else knows what I’m talking (or singing) about. I’d have to say, it is much better than Justin Bieber.

Listening Journal Week 5 #3

Today, I woke up to many different sounds. Outside I could hear some type of outdoor machine. It sounded like a leaf blower, but there aren’t any leaves on the ground, so I figured it had to be something else. I looked outside and couldn’t tell where that noise was coming from. During this time, I also heard noises coming from inside my apartment building that sounded very similar to the one outside. At first I heard it outside my door, and I’m pretty sure it was someone vacuuming the hallway. A couple minutes later I heard the same noise coming from above me. I’m assuming this was someone else vacuuming their apartment. For some reason the noises above always sound so much louder, like someone is trying to make as much noise as they can.

Listening Journal Week 5 #2

As I was sitting here working on my “Transmit Your Listening” assignment, my stomach was growling cause I haven’t eaten yet today. This got me thinking about all of the weird noises your body makes and the fact that you can’t see how it’s creating that sound, whether it’s the noise your stomach makes when you’re hungry or your heart beating. I’m more familiar with what your heart is doing and how it creates the beating noise from previous classes I’ve taken, and know a little bit about peristalsis in the stomach, but it’s just so crazy to me that we can hear and feel these sounds our body makes, but we will never actually be able to see our own body create them. We can always watch videos of other people’s, but we usually don’t get to see our own body in action creating them.

Listening Journal Week 5 Transmit Your Listening

Listening to the same song at a different speed or in a different key completely changes how I feel when I listen to it. It is often hard to tell that it is even the same song. Usually, I find it a lot easier to tell if it is the same song when only the speed is manipulated. It is a lot harder to tell when it is played in a different key even at the same speed because I hear completely different sounds. The only time I find it extremely difficult to figure out if it’s the same song is if it is extremely time-stretched. I don’t think I would even be able to guess my favorite song if it was stretched out that much. I actually enjoyed the stretched out version though. It was very relaxing, and I feel like it would help me focus if I were studying or working on something. All of the sounds seemed to kind of mix together since the change in sounds was so gradual.

For my version of Mozart’s String Quartet in C major, K. 465 “dissonance”: I. Allegro, I altered every aspect of it that I could. I used flutes, French and English horns, and the harp, as well as changed the speed and key.

Listening Journal Week 4 #3

Today, I went to Starbucks to get a coffee and noticed there were a lot of people either on their laptops, doing some type of paperwork or homework, or sitting there listening to their headphones. It got me thinking about the fact that many people go there to study, do homework, or read. Usually when I go there it’s not super quiet, so I’ve always wondered how people can focus in there. When I listened, I heard music that was pretty relaxing, and not distracting at all. There were other noises coming from the baristas making the coffees, which was pretty loud, but didn’t seem to distract anyone at all. When I actually stopped and listened to the atmosphere, it really didn’t seem as bad. I’m used to them rushing around trying to get everyone’s coffee, so it had always seemed like a place that would be hard to focus in.

Listening Journal Week 4 #2

Today, when I woke up, I went outside my bedroom and sat on the couch. It was the quietest I think I’ve ever heard my apartment. My cats were asleep, the air conditioning was off, I couldn’t hear the refrigerator running, and the weather outside was calm. I tried to listen as closely as I could to see if I could hear anything at all. All I could make out was a very faint humming sound but I could not figure out what it was from. I’m not even completely sure I wasn’t just creating this sound in my head since I was trying to hard to hear something. It was just so quiet and I am not used to not hearing any sounds at all, so it was a weird experience.

Listening Journal Week 4 #1

Last night, I went to Cary St. Gym at one of the busiest times. I am usually listening to music when I work out, so I never really hear what the gym sounds like. When I wasn’t wearing my headphones, I could hear many different sounds. I heard very loud boom sounds randomly, which had to be from people picking up very heavy weights and dropping them. I heard many clanking metal sounds coming from the machines as well as the voices of people talking. All of these sounds seemed to jumble together as all these people made their own unique sounds, whether it was talking, laughing, grunting, while they used the different pieces of equipment that each made different sounds as well. I don’t think I have ever heard so many different sounds at once. I am curious to hear what it sounds like when the gym isn’t as packed.

Listening Journal Week 3 #3

Today, I spent my day down by the river. It is one of my favorite places to go mostly because of the sounds. I found a new spot that I had never been to where water was spraying out of these huge pipes and made it look as though there was a waterfall. This was making a pretty loud noise and there were a lot of people talking and hanging out around it as I got there, so overall it was pretty loud in that area. I decided to get closer to this waterfall-looking thing, and I ended up getting so close that I couldn’t hear all the other people talking or their music playing at all. It’s crazy how even though the water was so loud, it was very relaxing. I’m glad some sounds can drown other sounds out because I did not want to hear those people loudly talking and playing music the whole time I was there.

Listening Journal Week 3 #2

Yesterday, I went for a walk around my apartment in the middle of the afternoon. It was a bit windy, and all you could hear was the plants and trees blowing in the wind. It was a very relaxing sound. The only other noises I could hear at the time were a few random birds chirping every so often. Soon, I started hearing music in the background, and it kept getting closer. It was an ice cream truck coming down the street towards me. This walk was no longer relaxing due to this loud upbeat tune getting louder and louder as it approached me. I’ve never realized how loud these trucks were. When it passed me, it was hard for me not to cover my ears. I don’t ever remember ice cream trucks being this loud as a kid. As an adult, that sound did the opposite of attract me. I think they should change the type and volume of music they play because when I first saw it coming down the street it made me want ice cream, but by the time it got to me I was just too annoyed by the sound and just wanted it to pass.