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Milton & Metanoia

Hello, fellow classmates! Hope you’re enjoying this week of Thanksgiving. Just popping in here to give you a little recap of my presentation because I know having stuff in writing can be helpful. I presented on the last part of Book X and emphasized the idea of action-based repentance that we see from Adam and Eve after the fall.

Then let us seek

Some safer resolution, which methinks

I have in view, calling to minde with heed [1028-1030]

These lines demonstrate that the kind of repentance Adam and Eve are experiencing is not purely mental assent but based on action; they truly have a change of mind that drives them to a place where they believe action can change their situation. This is the metanoia that I touched on and Professor C. elaborated on during his lecture. While Satan had moments where he was “struck stupidly good” the defining difference between him and man is that Adam and Eve actually acted on their conviction, resulting in forgiveness and redemption. This taking of responsibility is the first of its kind in Paradise Lost and something Satan could never do.


Judas-NOOO! (R.I.P. Vine)


Postlapsarian Good vs. Evil

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  1. I found this interesting when you presented on it, because I had never heard of the word Metanoia before, it seemed to explain a lot of the things that you spoke about during your presentation. Thank you for reiterating it for us, and I hope you are enjoying Thanksgiving break as well!

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