We live in a world where you can make money out of anything. In class we were asked the question of what do we have or what we can do that we can’t make a commodity out of, and we were able to come up with nothing. Our society has mastered a way to find a way to charge everything and anything. Water for example, something that is necessary for our survival is free right? Tap water is free, but is it necessarily clean? Not particularly, especially with all the fluoride in our water systems. So then what do we have to do? Either be stuck drinking subpar water or we have to buy bottled waters or maybe buy a water filter, which most people end up doing. We end up paying for something that should be free. Water is just one of millions of different examples. Another example would be exercising. Working out your body can be so simple, just run around, walk, jump, anything that involves movement can be considered working out your body. However, we have managed to find a way to charge people to tell them how to work out. People pay hundreds of dollars a month in hiring personal trainers to help show them how to work out, and you can’t just workout manually, you need to buy all of the fancy workout gear in order to get the full effect. But if you think about it, back in the day people were in better shape health wise than they are now and I’m pretty sure the concept of paying someone to show you how to exercise would have sounded ridiculous to them and Weber as well.


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