Class discussion

I found some of the most interesting topics discussed today to be 9/11, kobe Bryant, and Bernie sanders presidental campaign. One interesting thing I learned about each is

kobe Bryant: went to lower merIon high school and became first freshman on varsity.

9/11: over 6,000 people injured by attacks.

bernie sanders: inspired riots accross the nation.

Reflection on Just Mercy

I think the youth of America has seen the flaws in the justice system for quite some time. However it’s different to discuss and debate the ideology of the legal system vs. receiving personalized accounts of the tragedies which it can inflict. Before reading Bryan Stevenson Just Mercy I had really only connected with fictional stories of justice such as To Kill a Mockingbird and the classic film The Green Mile. However seeing true story after true story pile up in just mercy of poor minority defendants being cheated and abused in the legal system really pushed my desire for justice to the next level. Being from a nice suburb near the lawyer heavy Washington D.C. I got used to people having very good defense lawyers and having their due process strongly asserted. Beyond being a view changing book, Stevenson did a great job of representing universal human themes in the book. Throughout the book he drives home the idea that looking forward with the idea that a better future is on the horizon is the most important thing in life. It is utterly inspiring to see how he, his clients, and even the rest of us can overcome corrupt and evil authorities with just hope and the will to keep fighting . Additionally seeing Stevenson doing all of this in the name of justice with few considerations for monetary compensation touched my soul and makes me want to pursue philanthropic efforts.

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