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How has social media changed our lives? How has social media changed the way we interact and perceive life?  I didn’t receive a cellphone until I was 12 and my phone was NOT a smartphone. I never thought having a phone was a huge deal, but that changed once I received my first smartphone in 9th grade. I was about 14 and this introduced me to the life of social media, I signed up for Instagram and Twitter. Through being on social media since the age of 14 I have noticed a huge change in how social media is used before it was really an app to use to share silly things about your day to your family and friends. It didn’t matter who or how many people were following you, it didn’t matter how many likes you got on your photos. But this slowly changed and even I noticed the change in myself, my friends and I would compare the number of likes we were getting on our photos and compare to other girls. We would easily compare looks, lives, and make judgments on others just based on their photos or status that were posted. I saw how these apps made me feel insecure about myself and my friends felt the same way. As a young girl, I noticed these changes and took some time away from these apps that made me feel worse and tried to focus on my life. After a year of not posting anything on social media, I returned and that is when I stopped caring about the likes and followers, they don’t mean anything to me. I just wanted to share with others the latest concert I went to, an art museum I visited, and my friends. The time away from social media I left my insecure thoughts and feelings, it helped me grow and become more comfortable with myself. I especially think that social media can affect young boys and girls, they have more access to these apps and lately, most kids have an account before they enter middle school. At such a young age these kids are more influenced by the media and not everything is great about social media. I’m not saying I don’t use social media apps, I use them every day but it has gotten to the point where people rely on it, and now more than ever everything is based off how many likes and followers you have. On several of these platforms, we can find many people who are toxic and bring negativity into our lives. But we can also make online friends and meet new people all across the world, it has connected everyone in several ways. Social media has definitely evolved throughout the years before we would use it as a silly app and now people have jobs as influencers. Where do you think social media will go now?

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  1. rodriguezctc January 25, 2019

    I agree with this, social media has affected young lives and the way it has changed the typical childhood is a lot different from when we grew up. Kids now look at social media and basically base the way they dress, eat, and act from what they see on online.

  2. joeyjoe0030 January 25, 2019

    I believe personally, social media will be used as a political battlefield. An example, would be how people on Twitter use tweets as a way to express their political opinions. Which I don’t mind as people can choose to see it, but now people will try to use fake evidence to further strengthen their political viewpoints. An example, would be the Native American protest and how the news reported that the guy who was playing the drum had a criminal record. Which was somewhat true, but it wasn’t as serious, but yet the headline was deliberately chosen to make the Native American protest look bad. Sadly, people who only read the headline of news and don’t do their research end up supporting kids who are practicing these hate crimes. Where for me, I still go on social media for memes. So I hope that doesn’t change.

  3. lic27 January 25, 2019

    I think this is a really good topic for discussion. People generally rely on their phone every. I even feel like your phone is more convenience than your computer since you can just carry it in your pocket. And sometimes, I think my phone even do a better job than my computer. I remember before if we want to talk to someone we have to write a letter and give it to the post office, and you have to wait for the person to response you back. This process takes a long time, but this relationship can maintain a long time too. I feel like social media just makes everything went too fast. We can easily see my friends life from Instagram or Wechat. There is even one crazy app that I can even track where my friend is, how much battery do they have left. Therefore, I think in the future, social media can totally do everything we have to do it in real life.

  4. gregoryen January 25, 2019

    I agree, I miss when social media wasn’t weighted so heavily on how many likes and followers you had. I’ve seen many changes in my siblings and cousins where they are attached to these outlets.
    I’ve also seen the same controlling behavior with video games.
    In many ways these can be very positive, uplifting way of interacting. Unfortunately it has become a more negative issue as years go by.

  5. schmidtvr January 25, 2019

    I also agree with is, because when I spend time with my family, they will always tell me that, “back then, we didn’t have social media to chat with our friends, or post pictures of us hanging out. We would go play outside and spend time with each other,”. Now we are living in a world with new technology being developed everyday, and how that kids are now developing their lives into this world. It makes me imagine what social media would be like in the future and how we would use it.

  6. clarkcn3 January 25, 2019

    I made my first social media in 6th grade and have been on social media since. At first I was not as hooked as everyone else. I really only made the Facebook account to play the games they had on the app. I was not interested in the social aspect at first, which could have been to my introverted personality.  As someone who never got into  social media I can also  see how social media affects people.  The lust for attention is the biggest problem with social  media.  the attention is what makes people act reckless and do anything. 

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