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I started to find more interest in makeup in middle school, it all started when I would take my moms makeup and wear it in secret. The first makeup I was using was concealer and face powder when I applied it I felt more mature and confident. My mother noticed that slowly more and more of her makeup was missing and that’s when I got permission to use her makeup and even buy my own makeup. It was a weekly routine of mine to walk to the Walmart five minutes away from my house and look at all the new makeup or buy one item. My first makeup purchase was a foundation from Covergirl, I debated buying it for a month. I didn’t want to waste eight dollars on a foundation that wouldn’t work with my skin. I watched countless makeup gurus on youtube review the foundation and from all the videos I was convinced to buy it. When I bought this foundation it was a learning process, first, the foundation color didn’t even match my skin, I would apply too much, not apply powder on top, and I would apply it with my fingers everywhere.

I slowly learned how to apply makeup in the way through Youtube beauty videos. I remember in 9th grade of high school I woke up at 5am to apply liquid eyeliner, I struggled applying it for an entire hour. There were countless times I had to wipe off the eyeliner and restart the line on my eyelid, but even though I was struggling I kept trying. Finally, right before I had to leave at 7am I had applied the eyeliner correctly, I was so proud of myself and that I never gave up. Remembering these moments that I was learning how to apply makeup seems so surreal because now applying a full face of makeup won’t take me longer than 30 minutes.

I found my love for makeup 6 years ago and I am still learning. In the world of makeup, there is so many skills, techniques, and ‘looks’ to learn. There are countless ways and things you can do with makeup and that is what I love about, I can use an eyeshadow as a highlight or fill in my eyebrows. Many people have negative connotations between makeup and women or men, but in reality, it is just a way of expression. Personally, I apply makeup to feel more confident and to express my moods. There are several products being released weekly and you can always try something new. Some days your eyelids can be blue then brown and another day you can barefaced. There is so much that can be done with makeup, the possibilities are endless.

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  1. simmonska February 25, 2019

    I too love makeup, oddly enough I do not enjoy wearing it. It makes me feel great but it does not feel good on my face. It also breaks me out because I have sensitive skin. I have tons of it which i guess is a waste of money because I only wear it once in a blue moon. But it is great to have on hand. I really enjoy watching people do makeup on youtube. The way that it can transform a person and hide imperfections amazes me. Some people say its bad because people can easily catfish. But I do not agree, I think that if it makes you feel good, wear it and wear it well!

  2. foxkc6 February 26, 2019

    I absolutely adore makeup and all things beauty. I worked at Ulta over winter break and it was like heaven for a makeup lover. I also got started with makeup around middle school I would steal my mom’s makeup and look at all the new makeup items at the store constantly. I never realized how much knowledge about makeup I had absorbed over the years until recently. Whenever people typically have a question about makeup, I have a plethora of knowledge about what to say. YouTube and lots of practice definitely played big role in my love for makeup.

  3. maachaouik February 26, 2019

    Makeup is a journey. My mother always taught me the better your skin looks, the better your makeup looks. So most of my middle school days, I was focused on having great skin and maintaining my eyebrows. Near the end of my 8th grade year, I got the first of my makeup. I had foundation, powder, mascara, and eyebrow gel. Since then, my skills have flourished. Makeup is a way of expression for me. I love doing others’ makeup as well. I have 26 eye shadow palettes; it’s quite the collection. The makeup I do is always evolving, and learning new skills or methods or looks to try. I agree with you notion that the possibilities are endless.

  4. zarrougs February 27, 2019

    I love makeup and similar to you I started wearing it in middle school. My first item was lipgloss I would wear either a pink or red color lipgloss. The second item I strted wearing was mascara. I would secretly use my mom’s mascara which was waterproof, so it ended up ruining my lashes. Also, I had a bad habit of pulling on my lasses when I’m nervous or thinking and to get the mascara off. However, that still didn’t stop me from wearing mascara. I love makeup and hope to get even better at doing it. What’s your favorite makeup product or brand?

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