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Overthinking and Anxiety

I have had this problem for many years. For me when I start to overthink I begin to feel anxious and this feeling does not leave me until I have an answer to the problem I am stressing about. It consumes me and I cannot focus on anything else but the problem. My problems with this are when I feel like I have made a mistake or I have not been fully informed on a situation.

Over the years I have picked up different bad habits to cope with my anxiety but one that has stuck with me to this day is biting nails. I have broken the bad habits from time to time but I slowly crave back into the habit. I broke my habits with the help of friends around me, whenever I would bite my nails they would catch me and tell me to stop biting. Them holding me accountable really helped me. I also got to the point where I had great time management and I didn’t have much to over stress about. But then college apps came in and my habits kicked back in and I started to have more anxiety. It is a work in progress for me, there are great days where I don’t have anything to worry about but there are days where I feel like these thoughts consume me. I have incorporated exercise and music into my daily activities to help myself.

I found several sources from help one source says to catch yourself overthinking, once you catch yourself you should notice what that is you’re worried about. Once you catch yourself you need to set a deadline for yourself to stop thinking about the issue. If you don’t set a time limit you won’t stop thinking about it. To avoid the thought from consuming you try to listen to your favorite music or soft music to distract yourself. If this doesn’t work try to repeat the solution to your problem to yourself, you have the solution so there is no reason to be anxious. There are several researchers saying the exercise is a great way to clear your mind and help improve mental health. If you have the time go for a short run or do a pair of push-ups. And remember their perfection is hard to achieve, sometimes impossible it is okay if you’re not getting things right.

If you feel that you need to reach out and receive professional help it is okay. It is normal to want to get help from someone. I have received help and I would honestly recommend it to everyone. If you don’t have the help accessible to you try to take advantage of VCU’s counselling service. It is an experience that I have benefited from, talking to someone and receiving input and advice for the problems that don’t seem to have an end or answer to me but is crystal clear to someone else.


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  1. jessicamacintyre March 14, 2019

    I deal with a lot of anxiety on an almost everyday basis. The only time I am not anxious is when I am at home, which is one of the major factors why I decided to commute instead of living in a dorm. I definitely overthink as well. I still stress over things that happened over three years ago as if they occurred yesterday. I specifically deal with social anxiety a majority of the time. Although its not hard for me to really speak (thanks to taking drama classes in high school), its still hard sometimes to open up to people, and I often limit the things I do to make myself blend into the crowd. My anxious habit is definitely overreacting and exaggerating, which can be really annoying for pretty much everybody around me. I don’t exactly have much access to professional help since my insurance only covers so much and, as I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts, there isn’t really many options for me to get any sort of medicinal treatment considering I can’t swallow pills. I will definitely try the method highlighted in your blog and see if it helps me at all.

  2. weinlb March 14, 2019

    Thank you so much for this blog. I really hope it gave insight to people who are feeling this way. I for one am someone who suffers from anxiety and I can’t help but overthink. I overthink the most ridiculous scenarios possible. I could be driving and start freaking out that I think someone is following me and have to completely change my route just to get where I am going in order to feel safe. I don’t know why it seems as if my anxiety has gotten worse over the years and I don’t feel like I have an explanation as to why. Nothing tramatic has happened to where you would think it would cause this amount of anxiety in my life. I used to also be a nail biter as well. I would bite my nails before tests, races, doctors visits. I was able to quit that was by getting my nails done. I know that could be a little expensive but another thing to do is soak your nails in vinegar or nail polish remover. That helps when you need to stop biting your nails! I hope that works for you and that your anxiety gets better!

  3. schmidtvr March 16, 2019

    I can relate to this blog, because I worry a lot too. I have a disorder, and worrying is where I got it from. I would always worry or freak out with a lot of homework, test, even big projects. When my doctor was examining me, he noticed I would get really worried, and that gets me really anxious. He said that I should talk to an anxiety doctor because I have it mentally (not that mentally) but a lot. He also recommends that I should work out a lot, just to keep my mind off of stuff. I do work out, but I worked out good enough for me to feel tired and sleepy.

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