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Over the past now almost two semesters I have found a way to improve my time management and how organized I am. It has taken months for me to achieve the routine I have now by holding myself accountable for my homework, studying, and relaxation/me time. It can be difficult to find a schedule that works for you. Everyone’s schedule is different, some people are taking 18 credits while others are taking 12. It all varies for everyone but I am going to share what has worked for me so far.

At the beginning of the first semester here what really helped me was going to the library and completing my homework. The third floor of the library was the second home! During my breaks in between my classes, I would take advantage of that time and go to the library. It is a nice quiet environment and the desks there has enough space to have all your papers out plus your laptop. One thing I learned about myself is that I could not work with a group of friends, I get easily distracted with I am in a study group.

In the first semester, I would keep myself busy with SI sessions, tutoring and marathon sessions. I wanted to see what VCU really had to offer extra help in my classes. I really found helpful in the extra sessions I attended. In a lecture environment, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what the professor is really teaching. SI sessions are a great way to review the topics that will be on the test, plus they have several different times for the sessions to accommodate everyone. These sessions really did impact my grades for the better and I recommend to everyone to at least try one these this semester if needed.

Now that we are in the second semester of college I have changed my studying and homework habits. As I said last semester I used to go to the library to do homework to concentrate but now I do my homework in my room in bed or at my desk. I try not to finish my homework in bed because it just lets me fall asleep faster while I am finishing my homework. My dorm environment is mainly quiet and I can concentrate without being disturbed.

Lastly, how I stay organized with all my homework, I have an agenda. I try my best to write down my homework daily but sometimes I forget. When I write down my homework next to it I write the day and time I am completing the homework to hold myself accountable and so I won’t get overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to complete. For the most part, this organization portion has not changed throughout the two semesters. What are some studying tips or ways you stay organized?

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  1. richardsonsm2 March 17, 2019

    I live off my planner and put everything I plan on doing in there. If I lost my planner I don’t know what I would do. I even schedule time for homework and studying to manage my time. I have switched some study habits and note taking from the previous semester. I have started to do a lot of my homework at my desk to keep me focused. I try to leave my phone face down or far away from me to stay focused too. I used to go to the library a lot in the fall semester, however now I enjoy my own room. My grades have still been solid either way so I think my methods have been working.

  2. jademob18 March 17, 2019

    Wow, so mine is kind of the opposite of yours. I realized I could not do my homework all the time in my room, because I would want to hope in my bed and fall asleep. So, instead I’d have to work in the study rooms. I don’t mind the library but sometimes I don’t want to always go, I want to be in the comfort of my own dorm. I totally agree with you about how SI sessions help to improve grades, because as I have been going, I can see improvement in my grade. My tips or things I do to study are for one make sure I get my main homework done, before I try to do study groups with my friends. I write on my dry erase board all the work that is due, and make sure everything is being completed. Those are just a few of my tips!

  3. harnageag March 18, 2019

    Sometimes I overwhelm myself while doing homework or studying but I think If I did it any differently, I wouldn’t stay on top of things. Usually my professors will send an email listing everything due for the week, so I start off by making a list of everything I have due that week (homework, assignments, studying, etc.). I number the list from top priority down and try to finish as much as possible throughout the days of the week so I have a couple of days of not doing anything, even though that rarely happens because we’re In college lol.

  4. goelh March 18, 2019

    Me myself prefers to use google calendar, as I’m able to write down all the events which I need to attend, all of my homework assignments that I need to be complete ASAP, tasks to be done and much more, in order to finish them within a certain time period. As when I was using my agenda planner, I would get confused about what due date did the professor assign for that particular assignment. Which would end up messing my entire schedule for the day, as well as not being sure of what assignment should I start working on first. But with my google calendar, I can now be able to prioritize my work by seeing which assignment is more critical to finish. While also ranking it down the order by a scale of #1 to #5, (As for #1 being the least most critical assignment to finish at this given point of time. It makes #5 become the most extremely critical assignment to finish at this certain point of time.) this allows me to be an efficient person who’s able to make their own schedule with the help of google calendar. As to also being able to successfully complete all my events, tasks, and assignments on time. Allowing me to become a more organized and productive student, who is dynamically skilled for facing any type of challenges that come my way.

  5. coxkw March 19, 2019

    I liked your blog a lot. I always feel overwhelmed with homework and projects. I have a little notebook that I write down a to do list in so that I do not forget anything. I have a few classes that I have so much homework in, so I am constantly trying to catch up through the week, and it is even worse if I have a test that week because I have to make room to study for that too. I think going to the library between classes is really smart, because it is quiet and has no distractions. Thanks for sharing how you do and did it, your blog is well written.

  6. jonesca25 March 20, 2019

    I agree that it can take a while to find what works best for individuals. For me, I always have to use a planner to make sure I don’t forget any assignments. Normally if I don’t write an assignment down I will forget to do it. I also make myself finish all my work during the week so that I make sure I don’t procrastinate, and so I have the weekend to do what I want to do. This has helped me be very productive during the week and stay in the right mindset, but then have Friday afternoon through Sunday to hang out with friends, or do whatever I hope to do.

  7. cypressad March 21, 2019

    I too complete my homework in bed. However, I sometimes get easily distracted with my suitemates. I feel as if I maybe could get more done in a lesser amount of time if I complete it at the library. I am considering given that a try. I have a planner as well. However, I do not use it as I should. I tend to go off of memory. I know that that is not good. I am very liable to forget to complete something. I definitely need to get back in the routine of utilizing that planner. I want to make changes to enhance my performance whether that is changing the location where I complete my assignments and study or that is making use of my planner to be more organized.

  8. williamsta8 March 21, 2019

    Getting adjusted to a college workload definitely took some time for me here at VCU. Last semester I felt like I was still getting a feel for everything whereas this semester I feel like I am able to get my work done efficiently and before deadlines. Since I commute and have a part-time job that I work at most of the week, I don’t really have time to go to any SI sessions or meet up with friends to study or work on assignments with. Because of this, I have to rely heavily on studying at home and being able to teach myself some things I learn in class. I personally like to search whatever class I study for into quizlet until I find a set that can help me study effectively. I would totally agree that the library is a great place to get work done and is also a great place to destress and relax in my opinion, especially on the 3rd and 4th floors where there’s no talking.

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