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Freshman Year

It feels like it was just yesterday that a lot of the freshman students were unpacking and moving into a dorm. I remember the two-hour long car ride to Richmond it was full of traffic and the music on was some Hispanic music. It was my mom, dad, and my two brothers. Everyone was sleeping and I was the only one awake. I was trying to finish reading my UNIV book given to me in orientation. The trip went by slow but fast at the same time and when we said our goodbyes I felt sad but relieved that we were done with the move in and the first day. I felt homesick the first month of college because I wasn’t home with my family members. Over time I adapted to the new environment around me, I have never lived in the city. I grew up in the same neighborhood since I was born so college was completely new to me. The city at first made me feel uncomfortable but after weeks and months, it really feels like home. Over the weekend that just passed, I went to visit my friend at JMU when I went there their campus is huge and it wall all campus and nothing really around them. I started to miss Richmond on the second day there. Comparing the areas to each other was another thing I did, VCU is such a diverse university compared to others in Virginia. As the year has gone by so quickly I have learned so much about myself. I have felt comfortable in this area and I have made new friends in this environment.

When the first semester ended I felt sad but happy to go back home. I wanted to stay in Richmond and have to shake smart every day like I am used to but I had to go back home where I’d have to take care of others and have more responsibilities other than school. There are times where I miss home so much but I would rather be in Richmond. I try to call and text my family to keep connected and not miss out on what is happening in the family. This entire year has flown by so fast and thinking about going into our sophomore year is crazy. Where has the time gone? We have already passed midterms and now we’re about to start finals. We are making decisions on our schedules and everything seems to move so fast but so slow. How do you feel about your first year of college?

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  1. whitetn4 March 28, 2019

    I totally relate to your experience. Moving away from my family was super hard, for the first month I remember being sad 24/7 and had so much trouble adapting. I also am from a small county so coming here was very different and hard, but now I love it. I also really agree with what you’re saying VCU is definitely different from other universities. That’s the reason why I love it here though because of how diverse it is. Honestly I have loved my first year of college, it’s definitely had it’s ups and downs. However, I’ve loved what it’s made me grow into so far. I am super sad however that it’s almost over! It is crazy how fast it flew by.

  2. coillotma March 28, 2019

    This was so relatable! I also felt pretty shook when I first moved to Richmond. It was a huge shift in my life because I literally live in the middle of Narnia , so being around so many people made me feel like an alien. A few weeks in, similar to you, I started to LOVE Richmond and as of now it is my home. Whenever I went home for break, I would always miss Richmond because I got so used to being surrounded by people 24/7. Freshman year has been so much fun, but I really can’t believe that it is over. We are really about to start our SOPHOMORE YEAR of college. That is insane!!!!! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I completely agree that VCU is the most diverse campus ever.

  3. richardsonma3 March 29, 2019

    Since I did ram camp, I was able to move in a week or so early, and I think because of that move in day and welcome week were a bit different for me because I already felt comfortable on campus. But, although I was here a week earlier, I still feel as though this isn’t real life. I always talk to my friends about how I don’t feel like a college student. In high school we were all use to having 8 hour days, with minimum breaks, but since we started college, we have so much more free time, and it feels quite weird. I have a very small group of friends, which I like, but we’re all doing different paths so I rarely get to see them unless it’s to get food or something, so a lot of the time I feel kinda alone. I do feel a lot more free here, but I definitely miss the feeling of home, especially my dogs and home cooked food. I never realized how much I loved home cooked food until I got here and was eating cane’s and panda a little too often.

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