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I have recently found a new love for podcasts. I first started listening to the VIEWS podcasts, it is two friends that talk about anything and everything. I love to look for new podcasts to listen to and there are a ton of people who are starting to make them. The VIEWS podcast is David Dobrik and Jason Nash, David is 23-years-old while Jason is 42. They talk about anything from their youtube vlogs, news in media, tell stories, share their experiences and more. Their podcast is a weekly one that is posted on Thursdays, they’re about under an hour long and I try to listen to them when I have a long car ride or if I am walking to class. It can be really entertaining listening to their mixed opinions from a young adult to a full grown adult.

Lately, there has been a large number of YouTubers who have started their interest in podcasts. I have been listening to one of my favorite ones by a comedian by the name of David So, but his podcast goes by genius brain. On David’s podcasts, he always has guests and they’re all his friends. They talk about new topics on the news and their life. I get to hear different perspectives and opinions on topics that I haven’t heard about.

The two podcast I have given as examples are ones that you shouldn’t listen if you want to get more information on important political news. These podcasts I listen to are more for listening to people making jokes and talking on experience. It is a nice thing to listen to from time to time. There are a variety of podcasts to listen to, there are some the revolve around love advice and relationships, serious political ones, ones that focus on telling unsolved crime, and much more. You can find podcasts on Spotify, podcasts app on your Apple phone, and on SoundCloud.

I recommend everyone to try to listen to a podcast, it’s a nice time to just listen to others, it’s basically to me watching a video of two people talking but you’re just listening. There is a huge amount of different podcasts on the internet and I am sure if you watch youtube your favorite YouTubers have been on a podcast or are making their own. If you’re not a fan of listening to them some podcasts film a video of them making the podcasts and upload it onto youtube so you can try those if you like!

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  1. robertsna2 April 5, 2019

    I am also just getting into listening to podcasts. I have not heard the ones you talk about, but I listen to one’s similar. I usually listen to podcasts like Tiger Belly, Your moms house, and This Past Weekend, which are run by comedians. I like to watch these rather than serious podcasts because I like to laugh. I enjoy the conversations on these podcasts, and I usually play them while I am relaxing or doing homework. I agree with you that there is so many different types of podcasts and it is a growing form of entertainment.

  2. willslm April 5, 2019

    I also listen to VIEWS. David and Jason, even though there is an age gap, really work well together despite having differing opinions. I like how Jason can mix both comedy and wisdom into the podcast like how he talks about the struggles of being a parent who hangs out with twenty-year olds. Also similar with David’s vlogs, the stories they share in the podcast make their lives sound so exciting. For me, I listen to podcasts when I’m doing something boring. I also use podcasts to relax and escape everyday stress. I like the more story or funny based podcasts which are controlled by comedians or youtubers.

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