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Since we have returned from spring break I haven’t gone home, this makes me sad because I really do miss my family members. The only thing that has stopped me from going home every weekend is that I don’t have a ride back home. If I want a ride back home I’d have to pay for a bus or train which the prices can add up. Last semester I went home every break I had to see my family. I love going back home to see my siblings, parents, an grandmother. This semester has also been more hectic with my schedule, I started to volunteer at the hospital more throughout the week, nursing applications were due, harder classes, and I got a job in Richmond which keeps me occupied when I am not doing school-related activities.

Last semester I noticed that I would not keep my family members in contact with me, I lacked texting them and calling them. I know everyone is busy and it is hard to call and check-up on family. It became especially harder when I know there are family problems occurring and I am in Richmond feeling powerless because there is so little I can do to help. After I noticed that I became distant with my family first semester I wanted to change this, I constantly text my brothers and dad now. I try to have weekly phone calls with my grandma and mother.

College has taught me a lot in these fast nine months, I never knew how everything would change in my life, family, and friends wise. But being in college has made the relationship between my family and me stronger. My mom and I text each other, “what are you doing” before calling each other. When my mom and I call it tends to be a long 40 minute to an hour conversation. Of course, we’re not calling constantly but when we do we catch up one another on what is happening. My younger brother and I bond a different way when he plays fortnite and wins he always sends me a picture of the winning screen. Sometimes he calls me to explain the win and how he’s improving in fortnite. My older brother, grandma, and father are all different. We like to have short phone calls at least once a week.

It has been very different to adapt to the college lifestyle and be away from loved ones. I cannot wait to be back home to spend time with my family members. I feel like I am missing so much that is happening in their lives but I have been trying my best to keep connected with them. Are you excited to go back home for summer break?

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  1. willslm April 26, 2019

    I’ve been in the same situation. I haven’t gone back to my family home since spring break. However, I was fortunate enough to have a cousin live nearby and could park my car at their house. This gave me the luxury of going home when things got rough at school. In my first semester, I would drive back home most weekends. When I noticed that I was missing out on a lot of campus activities, I made it my goal to limit how many times I would visit my family. They are my safety net, but I had to learn how to live without them. That’s just a part of growing up. I think me not visiting them as often actually strengthened my relationship with my brother. He has been sending me more Instagram messages and memes since I left. Anytime I felt stressed, I would go for a walk and explore different parts of Richmond. Ultimately, I think this has been a great growing opportunity for me.

  2. dawsonja2 April 26, 2019

    This post kind of hit me hard. I live with my mom for most of my life but my dad was still there for me. He was never far away and our relationship is great. Since I’m with my mom I wouldn’t need to call her as I could just talk to her, but with my dad I always had a problem where I could never call. This doesn’t have to do with him as I do the same with my uncle, siblings, and now that I’m at college with my mom too. It makes me sad and I feel bad that I don’t talk to them because I know all of them miss me. We usually just talk through text or when they call me. I told myself for New Years Resolution that I want to make and effort to call if not every day every other day. It is always good to sit back and reflect on your day with somebody or to stay updated with your families’ lives. This goes for me, you, and anybody reading this call your family, they miss you and you never know if that call will be your last to them

  3. dickersonms April 26, 2019

    I think this is true for a lot of people in the fact that in their freshman year they realize how important family is to them. From what I read I can tell you have a lot on your plate at college with classes and work on top of it. But it’s great to hear that you are able to make time to call your family throughout the week. This reminds me of my first blog I wrote called “Call your parents”. Your experience is a prime example of how keeping in touch with your family strengthens the bonds between you since you are far away from them.

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